Nikon 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR AF-S DX NIKKOR Zoom Lens for Nikon SLR Camera – compraoy

Nikon 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR AF-S DX NIKKOR Zoom Lens for Nikon SLR Camera

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Nikon AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lens

The AF-S DX NIKKOR 18-140mm f/3.5-5.6G ED VR Lens from Nikon is a multi-purpose zoom lens capable of wide-angle and telephoto imaging with a 35mm focal length equivalence of 27-10mm. This all-in-one zoom lens is compatible with DX format cameras and FX format cameras in crop mode. It features an extra-low dispersion (ED) glass element and an aspherical element to improve edge sharpness and clarity while correcting chromatic and geometric distortions. Nikon’s uper Integrated Lens Coating (SIC) improves light transmission and reduces ghosting and flare. The combination of high-quality optics and a broad zoom range make the 18-140mm an ideal lens for travel and other tasks that demand functionality without sacrificing portability.


The Bower 67mm Digital HD UV Filter is a general use, clear filter that helps to absorb ultraviolet light and reduce the bluish cast of daylight. No additional coloration or contrast is provided, allowing you to pair this filter with others.

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by Top favorable review

I am surprised

I bought this lens on a whim - I have a Canon 18-135 and a few Canon "L" lenses. I have been a commercial photog for years and keep switching - from Canon to start with, then to Leica - I went with Minlta for a while (I was a Minolta dealer) then of couse I went into larger format (Mostly Mamiya - RB67s and such) but my old F2 (Nikon) with it's 35-105 has been knawing at me for years - it was as sharp as any Summicron I ever had. Anti-aliasing filters always bugged me (I haven't bought a roll of film since 1999 and shut down my darkroom then) so I decided to switch back to Nikon and I'm glad I did. Canons feel better in my hands and are GREAT cameras but this lens in every way surpasses my old 35-105 Nikkor and beats the hell out of my Canon 18-135 (it's soft and smooth) but this Nikkor - for a consumer non-ED lens (well almost non-ED) surprised the hell out of me! It's sharp throught it's range, contrast is great (if you want bokeh look elsewhere - I just wanted a walk-around) but for the price I paid (I'm still waiting for the police to show up at my door with handcuffs for grand theft) I don't think it can be beat! No, it's NOT built like an older Ai or EF or an older Nikkor P - it's half plastic (but what isn't these days) but still, for the price, I am surprised at it's build quality. Yes - it's heavy - there's a LOT of glass in this thing but I think the designers got this one right. In my opinion you could use this (in a pinch) professionally and make money with it! Even at 100% on my monitor it's stellar - it doesn't fall apart (but barely) until 150% - 200%. This isn't your old man's zoom. You only get what you pay for and I doubt you're going to shoot a Time magazine cover with this thing but in this case I think I got WAY more than I paid for. Is it a toy? Yes and no - it's built better than that and it performs better than that. For the purpose of this review and for what it does I am 100% satisfied. Don't expect Canon "L" but don't expect to be far from it. Also don't expect some plastic lightweight ' cause this ain't that! Heft matters sometimes but the IS (or VR) on this lens is really effective if you use that. I HIGHLY reccomend this lens (maybe I just got a good copy but I read some pretty good stuff about it before I bought). In my book - A#1!!!Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: photovideo4less

by Top critical review

Nikon 18 - 140 white box lens

This lens was a "white box" lens, which may or may not have been the reason for its less than sharp quality. The focal length is fine for a one lens carry around. But compared with even a 16 x 300 Tamron (which is apparently way too great a focal range) this Nikon was not impressive.
I plan to recheck this at a camera store with a Nikon boxed 18-140 lens. I hope it will be sharper.
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: alsvarietys


A best buy!

I purchased this used for a fraction of the cost of a new one with a USA 5 year warranty included. I could not tell the difference between a new one if you set them both side by side on a dealer's display case. This lens has the equvelent focal length of a 35mm format of 27 - 210mm and yet distortion is at a minimum. I also have the 18 - 200mm and the 18 - 300mm as well as a 12 - 24mm and a 500mm that all perform magically. I keep the 18 - 140 on a Nikon on my yacht when I want more detail and refinements than a PNS will give you. For a person wanting a very versatile lens this is the perfect anser to 'kit' lenses supplied with many cameras....Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: jcgx2


Great compact do-it-all lens

I'm a photojournalist and wanted a compact, light, do-it-all lens to twist onto the front of my D3300 and carry with me when I'm riding my motorcycle. The 18-140 is much smaller and lighter than my 18-200 and I honestly don't miss that extra 60mm on the long end. It's sharp even wide open and the VR feature works well. Since the D3300 has great high-ISO performance I can get by with the lens' available apertures. I've only had it a month but I've already published several dozen images made with the 18-140. Downsides: It's a bit slower with autofocus than my pro glass and it's definitely not something you want to bang around, especially when the barrel is extended. Also if you need extremely high resolution, say for a wedding, opt for the f2.8 Nikkors instead. The body-lens combination with an SB400 flash fits in a small bag I carry when motorcycling. The outfit can handle just about anything I will encounter during motorcycle weather, which is to say no precipitation, decent light and anything that isn't too far away. I couldn't be happier with my purchase.Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: madsella11


Great Coverage - Extremely Versatile Lens for Travelling

This lens is great when you want to travel light on family outings or while hiking in the woods. The range - 18 - 140 with VR capability means you can leave your other fixed focus lenses at home. The lens is lightweight for the features, focuses rapidly and silently and the images are super sharp. As a Nikon user for over 40 years I have never had a lens malfunction and I still love my old Nikkormat FTN film camera!Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: adorama


New Lens purchase 18-140 Nikon

I purchased this to replace 18-135 Nikon which lacked some of the features I wanted. My initial examination of this lens exterior and quality seems to show much better product then the 18-135. Rotation of focial length is firm and smooth, which is good. The base is metal not plastic. Lens feels a little heavier then 18-135, which would make sense in view of the different internal lens configuration for improved optics. Initial pictures I have taken appear to be sharp and vibration free, which is one of the man improvements
I bought this lens for a trip out west this coming week. I will be taking photos of mountains, plains, animals and some beautiful scenes. Once I have completed the trip and expect to take at least five to eight hundred photos I will evaluate the lens performance. I will be using the lens on a D7000 Nikon camera. So it is a DX format, which is smaller than the full frame Nikon Cameras. Hopefully the quality I expect from Nikon will be reflected in the quality of the photos.
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: mrphotostore



I researched a lot of lens and read that a best walk around would be an 18-140 mm. Then I searched. For Af Av and found this Gem. It's far better than the 18-55 and 55-250 bundled with my camera. This will be my go-to lens. It's larger lenses add sharpness, speed and light. The shot improvement and performance are great. The mechanics and quality makes it feel great in the hands and gets great color shots.Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: photovideo4less


A great lens. Hard to believe you can get Nikon quality at this price.

I wanted a sharp & light general purpose zoom for my D7100. This Nikon 18~140 zoom lens is a much better experience than expected. The lens is sharp, light, has a solid feel, and the VR technology is amazing. I was able to hand hold the camera at 140mm @ 1/8 sec and still obtain a sharp image. I'd recommend this lens to anyone, and the purchasing experience through Adorama was as smooth as can be.Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: adorama


Reasonably priced, good IQ walk-around lens for Nikon D5000 series bodies

I bought this lens as a walk-around lens . . . and it has not disappointed. And the price is right.

I wish the lens came with hood and protective soft pouch.

Since this is also a kit lens bundled with D5300 (I bought separately) I will only compare this with the another Nikkor DX18-55mm kit lens which was bundled with my D5100. This is ideal for walk around lens compared with the DX18-55mm because it extend the reach by about 2.5X. The non-rotating front barrel keeps the flower lens hood proper orientation. The DX18-55mm front barrel rotates thereby resulting in vignette. The "park" position is at the shortest focal length, consistent with virtually every telephoto lenses, unlike the DX18-55mm which requires the user to hunt for the roughly 37mm FL. Balance and handing is ideal for the relatively small body Nikon D5000 series body. Since I do not have the D3000 series, I can only assume this lens is also ideal for the D3000 series. Operation is silky smooth with good sliding fit enabling precise control. While this is better than the 18-55mm Nikkor, it cannot compare with the high-end Nikkor FX lens that cost 8 to 10X as much.

I am an engineer, hence, am using technical jargons one might expect from someone connected with the manufacturer. I am NOT in anyway connected with Nikon. I do not own any stock with Nikon.
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Affordable, versitile lens

This is a great lens with a versatile range - the price is very reasonable. It has the versatility of wide angle to telephoto with only a little distortion that is hardly noticeable for most users. Great for walk-around photography. Fast, easy focus. I recommend UV filter and lens hood. You can reverse the lens hood and still use the telephoto ring fairly easily. For a lens in this price range this is an exceptional value!Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: deals-all-year


Nikon produces a winner with its new 18-140 mid range zoom lens.

I bought the lens on eBay direct from 'shenikon_camera'in Hongkong. The lens was shipped immediately and arrived by international courier, quickly cleared through Customs and fitted onto my Nikon D7000 within minutes of opening the package. A quick walk around the block and further tests in my studio, convinced me that this lens is all I hoped it would be. Image quality is not far behind a Nikon prime lens two stops down at any focal length, build quality is very good, focus speed first class and the zoom range perfect for all my photographic needs which means I will never need to change lenses again and run the risk of any dust problems. Distortion? Not enough to worry me as I never photograph technical subjects full of straight lines so I never noticed any.
Any down sides to the lens? Nothing that will affect my photography, although photographers that like to work in low light levels may find the f3.5 - f5.6 best wide open apertures a bit restricting.
Most impressive points? Tremendous image quality and perfect zoom range for 99% of my photographic needs.
Would I recommend the lens to other Nikon photographers? Yes, without any reservation. This is a beautiful lens and worth every penny.
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