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New Sealed SNES Illusion of Gaia (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, 1994)

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4.5 Stars

Illusion of Gaia is a great game and it does not have a steep learnnig curve. This makes the game easy for newcomers to pick up and play without any trouble. Progression is handled very well with newly acquired abilities and challenging boss battles. The game is not as long as some other action / RPG's. It feels similar to Secret of Mana, but you only control 1 hero, not 3. Of course the leveling, combat and exploration are not as in depth, but this game has its own style. The game does not try to overwhlem you, but progresses you through the story. Early on you learn about a princess who runs away from a nearby castle and about how your hero has to adventure to save the world. Definitely give this game a try if you didnt have time when it originally came out. If you collect all the red jewels you can unlock extras so make sure to be diligent.Read full review...

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An incredible action RPG that still holds up

This game came out over 20 years ago. What can I say that hasn't already been said about it? Honestly nothing. But I will say that this is in my top three favorite super nes games and definitely top 10 favorite video game of all time. It's got a really cool and unique story that takes and borrows from so many different philosophies and mythologies and world religions. The gameplay is exceptional. The combat is very satisfying and a lot of fun. The way you strengthen and build up your character is relatively easy to do. It's just a terrific action RPG and needs to be experienced if a gameris hasnt already done so. It comes with my highest recommendation and I've been playing video games for almost 30 years. Definitely an underrated gem that did not get enough love here in the states. Check it out. you will not be disappointed.Read full review...

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Illusion of Gaia, Super Nintendo.

This is the second game in the series of action / adventure / role playing games by Enix created for the Super Nintendo console ( the first being Soulblazer, also released for the SNES ). This game is truly fun for all ages, with a solid storyline, great gameplay / graphics for the time of its release, and many challenging puzzles and extras hidden throughout the game. A truly unique game at the time of its release. So far, this game has stood the test of time - that being that i had this title when i was younger and sheepishly gave away my SNES upon receiving the acclaimed Nintendo 64. I only recently picked up a brand new SNES ( due to my love for 'old school' RPG's, and SNES had some of the greatest )and i rebought this title remembering how much fun i had with this game. My memory did not fail me, and it is exactly how i remember it to be - challenging, rewarding, and above all - FUN! Often overlooked, don't make the same mistake that many already have. Pick yourself up a copy!Read full review...


Well worth your money!

Illusion of Gaia is an overlooked classic for the SNES system. It is the second in the Soul Blazer series (Soul Blazer, Illusion of Gaia both released in the US, and then Terranigma, released in the UK in PAL format).

The story is interesting yet simple. You're a young boy named Will who was with his father on an expedition at the Tower of Babel. After his father disappeared, he woke up in his hometown not remembering anything. A few years later the game begins and Will, with his new psychic powers, starts off on a quest to find out what happened. What results of that is traveling through ancient ruins, battling challenging bosses, and losing and gaining friends, ultimately finding that he is the only hope for the world. You may even learn a song or two. ;)

The gameplay is almost like the original Zelda games. You have an attack button and some special skills like moving objects with your mind and your flute. Let me say this now; the game will appear very easy up until the first boss. Boss battles are very difficult and require all of your skill to complete. This game is not for your average RPGer. You go through each ruin and a few towns collecting secret Red Jewels, Mystic Statues, and items as you travel.

The graphics are really high for the SNES system and are just beautiful and stunning. The music is very well done, up to par with Final Fantasy III (VI).

I highly reccomend this game to anyone looking for a unique RPG experience by ENIX, the creative minds behind STAR OCEAN and VALKYRIE PROFILE. You won't regret getting this game at its current Ebay price~
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An overlooked gem

Let me just say, the item came in near perfect condition.

Not many people know about the great Illusion of Gaia. Somehow this was one of the great RPGs of the SNES era that got overlooked, and I don't know why. The creators "Enix" sure did an outstanding job on this one. As many of you all know a few years later after the release this game, "Enix" joined with the mighty "Squaresoft" and created "SquareEnix".

Now let me get to the actual game itself. The gameplay itself is simply close to amazing, greatly comparable to that of "Link to the Past". The overall gameplay was a great experience, like the challenging puzzles and the somewhat different plotline than most RPGs out there. They also spiced things up with some really unique features that really let the game stand out, for example the ability to transform into another character avatar. The graphics are one of the best I've seen on the SNES, greatly comparable to FFIII(FFVI).

There really isn't much missing in this game I'd say. If you are a fan of Adventure/RPGs, are a fan of old "Zelda" games, and miss the SNES days. Now is your chance to check out Enix's Illusion of Gaia for the Super Nintendo.
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What is it with young boys and flutes in fantasy games?

Chalk it up to old age or too many years staring at a screen, but I can't remember when I first played Illusion of Gaia. I do, however, being impressed with the graphics and nice (If repetitive) music. The storyline is pretty much the traditional 'Destroy the Evil Power' you see in most RPGs, though something about the presentation struck me as a little more close to home than most. As the main character, Will, goes through his journey, his friends gradually drift away, leaving me with a good case of 'Story's end' by the time my character reached the final dungeon...alone.
Gameplay is pretty simple; if you've played Zelda or Soul Blazer (another excellent game by the same company), you'll feel right at home here.

My only complaint is minor; the game is very linear. The game is pretty much a straight line, with no sidequests or backtracking to distract the player, which can be a little dull after games like Secret of Mana or Final Fantasy III(VI).

All in all, Illusion of Gaia is a classic worthy of any adventure gamer's collection.
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Timeless gem

Had this game when I was a kid, and to be able to play it after so many years brings back countless memories. However looking at the game on its own its easy to see why I loved it so much. Great story, combat, and likable characters!Read full review...

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A classic rpg that is pure pleasure.

I had so much fun playing this game. I played this game not to long after I had played Secret of Evermore. I was so glad to have found yet another super fun rpg.
I remember liking the story line; finding out what happened to the lost expedition and saving the world from the comet. The game has different and distinct looks in the world from all types of towns and villages, to a castle, along with different terrains. I liked gathering the information to advance in the game it wasn’t so hard that you would get frustrated to much, like in Chrono Trigger I had to take lots of notes. Taking a breath and thinking about something would get you past the issue. For that matter, I do not remember the puzzles being too hard or leveling up being difficult. I do not remember much backtracking like in some games. If you have ever played Secret of Evermore, Final Fantasy III or Secret of Mana this game is along those lines. I don’t think it is as large as the previously name games, but it is long enough to put a smile on your face. I played this game for over 40 hours. I am glad I found and played this game.Read full review...


Fantastic game. Definately a classic SNES RPG.

This game is just as great now as it was 15+ years ago. This game is an unofficial sequel to the game Soul Blazer. If you are a fan of the Zelda games, or Secret of Mana, than this game is right up your alley.

Its not a very long game, maybe 30 or 40 hours to complete. But the story is good, you get to control 3 different characters (the main character has 2 alternate forms who have different special powers).

Good level design, some of the bosses are fantastic, such as the very first boss. Not a very difficult game, but definately a gem if you are an old school gamer.
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Illusion of Gaia revisited

In the world of gaming there are the games you love, the games you hate and the games you keep thinking about because you are unsure of the feeling it gives you. Illusion of Gaia is one of those games for me.
I owned this game when it came out and replayed it countless times until I thought I would never miss it again. Sure I had issues because at the time, it was the first game I played that had a lot of character sequences with long dialogue, and maybe the sequence on the raft is kind of boring, but like a ghost it haunted me.
I missed the Hero's alter-ego the AWESOME blonde haired swordsman (My favorite character of the old games!), and the special moves the hero had like "slide". And I missed the generic vampire couple he fought.
But what I missed most of all, and why this game is so good and so classic, is the ending. I won't give it away, but it haunts to this day. It showed me something I never thought of and put it in a way that I would never forget.

To this day there hasn't been another game quite like this one. Most certainly there isn't another where you get to play as a powerful alter-ego like the blonde swordsman, and that alter-ego doesn't die somewhere in the middle of the game.

Bravo Illusion of Gaia!

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