New Outdoor Plants Very Easy Garden bonsai Excluded Courtyard Mini Hot Kyotango Organic Vegetable 120pcs/lot – compraoy

New Outdoor Plants Very Easy Garden bonsai Excluded Courtyard Mini Hot Kyotango Organic Vegetable 120pcs/lot

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Kyotango the 6th special varieties of tree tomato – quality tourism, leisure and picking it


Latest special tomato tree varieties, unlimited growth , and cooked , the main stem of the birth of their first inflorescence 7-8 leaves , racemose panicles and the number of flowers per spike of more than 7-20 dollars. Fruit slightly rounded tip , immature fruit and green fruit shoulder , ripe fruit bright red , flesh hard , fruiting long shelf life , leaving fruit per panicle 8-10 when the whole string can be harvested , tree planting fruit weight formula 13 , rich fruity sweet and sour taste good flavor , disease resistance, root development , sustained growth and good results . Kyotango the 6th ornamental tree tomato , picking tasting as a whole, both beautiful and delicious , very attractive for leisure tourists , modern science and technology parks , urban farmers preferred characteristic optimism light tomato picking garden tree species.



  Growth optimum temperature 12-28 degrees , 6 degrees over night , during the day 35 degrees below the temperature range anniversary cultivation, nutrient solution hydroponics or substrate culture can , in unfavorable winter and early spring flower preferably dip measures and fruit .


Quality :


Species name Purity Clarity Germination rate  
Kyotango 6 ≥98% ≥95% ≥85% 5



 Cultivation Description :

First, the infrastructure requirements 1. suitable for urban sightseeing agriculture park. As the \" tomato tree \" Cultural tourism is the main purpose and must therefore be in a high-tech agricultural park city sightseeing conducted by ornamental picking , to obtain economic benefits expected. Without some tourists , can not be achieved due ornamental purpose and economic benefits. 2. The temperature and light controlled environment for Greenhouse . \" Tomato tree \" more stringent requirements on the environmental conditions . Since the plant up to 2-2.5m, and therefore relatively large space requirements , must be carried out within a large spacious Greenhouse . Optimum growth temperature range of 16-28 °, less than 12 ° and above 32 ° are difficult to grow . Therefore requested to have winter heating facilities, a summer must have external shading , fan and curtain cooling facilities , so that winter temperatures not lower than 12 °, summer temperatures no higher than 32 °.

Second, the cultivation equipment

1. The nutrient solution tank ( tank ) . Used for the preparation and storage of nutrient solution . Plastic containers can be used , placed on the ground or buried underground, semi-underground . Also available in brick or cement bricks underground cultivation tank , it requires good airtight , watertight . Nutrition tank ( tank) according to the volume of planting may be, with every 10 \" tomato tree \" two to four square meters is appropriate.

2. cultivation tank . Available bricks, cement bricks or made of wood, iron , PE and PVC boards, generally 1.5:1.5:0.5 ratio of length and breadth , volume 1 m3 is appropriate. Requirements watertight, non-corrosive .

3. Culture Media . Culture Media is supporting a mixture of plant roots , require light texture , stable physical and chemical properties , with good water retention and permeability . Suitable substrates for the cultivation of a volume ratio of 1 peat and vermiculite or volume ratio 1 mixture of peat and perlite . Also available rice husk , sawdust, mushroom compost and other organic matter for growing media .

4. The liquid supply facilities . Plant nutrient solution is supplied facilities . Nutrition tank ( slot) have a water pump ( submersible pump or centrifugal pump) , between the pump and a timer connected to the power supply , so that regular supply of nutrient solution . Pump outlet pipe connected to the main supply liquid may be 2 ~ 3cm diameter iron pipe or PVC pipe , which is attached in charge and dropping needles, tree tomatoes per plant to have 16 or more drops of the liquid supply needle , the needle should drop in cultivation evenly distributed on the slot.

5. body supporting facilities . Because it is herbs, vine plants can not grow upright , and therefore need to use combination of silk cultivation traction frame to achieve the purpose of the formation of the ideal plant type . Cultivation frame connected in 3 ~ 5cm diameter iron pipe , at 2 ~ 2.5m from the ground with a nylon rope made of 33cm square grid. If there is wire hanging vine in a greenhouse cultivation erection can not stand , directly to the wire and nylon rope made of 33cm square grid for hanging vines and  body support .



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