NEW Nikon AF DC Nikkor 105mm f/2D Lens

NEW Nikon AF DC Nikkor 105mm f/2D Lens

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Nikon AF DC Nikkor 105mm f/2D Lens

This fast, classic portrait lens featuring Defocus Image Control allows for control over the degree of focus in the foreground or background of an image.

  • Nikon AF DC-Nikkor 105mm f/2D
  • Front Lens Cap (LC-72)
  • Rear Lens Cap (LF-1)

    Mount Type

    Nikon F-Bayonet

    Focal Length


    Maximum Aperture


    Minimum Aperture




    Maximum Angle of View (DX-format)


    Maximum Angle of View (FX-format)


    Maximum Reproduction Ratio


    Lens Elements


    Lens Groups


    Compatible Format(s)

    DX, FX in DX Crop Mode, 35mm film

    Diaphragm Blades


    Distance Information


    Super Integrated Coating




    Minimum Focus Distance


    Focus Mode

    Auto, Manual

    Rear Focusing


    De-Focus Control


    Filter Size



    (Approx.)3.1×4.4 in. (Diameter x Length),


    79x111mm (Diameter x Length)




    Above lens is compatible with all DSLR below which lens can be used and pictures can be taken. But for Autofocus Compatibility, please refer to below:
    Autofocus apply and workable:
    D4 D3x D800E
    D800 D3s D3
    D2H D2Hs D2X
    D2Xs D1X D1H
    D1 D50 D70
    D70s D80 D90
    D100 D200 D300
    D300s D700 D7000
    Autofocus NOT Workable:
    D40 D40x D60
    D3200 D3100 D3000
    D5200 D5100 D5000
    There maybe new or other not mentioned compatible lenses, please check it clearly on official website of Nikon for further info.
    **We do not accept return or refund due to misunderstanding on compatibility, please make sure you are not buy it wrong which do not fits your lens.**

    by Top favorable review

    Nikkor 105mm F2 DC, the sharpest!

    The Nikon AF 105mm f/2 DC is one of Nikon's very best lenses. Nikon has always made extraordinary 105mm lens, ever since its.

    The Nikon 105 DC is among the sharpest lenses ever made, and it's built pro-tough out of metal in Japan, not out of plastic in China.

    The Nikon 105 DC has an almost identical bigger brother, the 135mm f/2 DC.

    This 105mm f/2 DC is as sharp, and often sharper than Nikon's 105mm f/2.8 AF-D MICRO-NIKKOR, and this DC lens has the advantage of adjustable and superior bokeh.

    The built-in metal hood is superb: it locks in position by screwing-down. Even without the hood extended, the glass is well recessed into the barrel.

    You have to move a ring to get to manual focus mode, and once you do, manual focus is fantastic.
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    by Top critical review

    A lens you have to know how to handle. It's not as incredible as I'd read.

    As soon as I got the lens, I tried it and I didn't like it. The images were blurred and sleepy. My boyfriend was able to calibrate it and adjust it from the camera menu, currently I have it on a D7000 and after taking a lot of pictures, it worked! Finally, the automatic focus focused right where the focus point was, improved the sharpness remarkably and we learned trial and error how to handle the DF.

    I didn't like it:
    1. In autofocus mode it sounds horrible, too much noise.
    2. It has its science to know how to calibrate it and handle the DF.
    3. It doesn't have VR, so in low light you should use flash or a tripod. When there is a lot of light, when shooting at high speeds there is no trepidation.
    4. The parasol comes incorporated to the neighborhood of the lens, to remove it is a little hard, it locks sometimes.

    The sharpness is great, unbelievable. The sharpness is great, unbelievable.
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    Portrait photographer's most loved lens.

    Nikon AF-DC 105mm f/2.0. Simply put, One of the best, least known portrait lenses ever manufactured by Nikkor. When I was considering this lens one of the big things was the cost versus the value. Once I made the commitment to purchase this lens, I wanted to kick myself for having been so cheap and not having purchased sooner. I am not going to go into all of the technical stuff about this lens because unless you are an engineer or rocket scientist, most of it will not make sense to you. I will focus on the things that most people are concerned with, clean, crisp, images with great color saturation and detail.

    Build: This is a true camera lens and what has made Nikon the choice of professionals for years. It is built to last and to take the punishment that professionals inflict upon their equipment. The crinkle finish makes it easy to adjust in almost any weather.

    Glass/Optics: Amazing!!!! it is big, fast glass and the color saturation and sharpness even when shooting at f/2.0 is excellent. I have heard and read stories about the amount of lens flare that you get with this lens but, I haven't had the misfortune of having this happen to me. In the past, I kept a Heliopan UV filter on the front element and have recently switched to the Kenko Zeta UV and this may be one of the reasons for not having the lens flare on my images. I have also been shooting for a long time and learned early on how to place a subject in comparison to the sun.

    Defocusing: Learn to use the defocusing ring on the lens and you will definitely fall in love with the lens. You can use post production software to get the bokeh that you want on an image but, when I was being trained as a photographer, my mentor drummed into my head, "create what you want in the camera, don't rely on post production to fix your shortcomings." I have my original manual for this lens and I read it before attaching it to the camera. If you are purchasing pre-owned, there are electronic versions of the manual on the web, find one and read it and learn how to use the lens.

    Overall: I love this lens and even at the price I find it to be a bargain. Customers usually don't know how it is done but, appreciate that when they see the images that the actual subject is the clearest, cleanest, sharpest thing in the image and are drawn to the subject rather than being distracted by the foreground or background of the image. One of these days when I have saved enough pennies I will trade my 105mm in for it's big sister the 135mm. I realize that I will give up another foot in minimum focusing distance but, the frame will have a larger subject and even less of a background and or foreground in the final product. One final thing. I did not mention the weight and size of the lens because if you have been shooting as long as I have, you already know that a well built camera, battery pack and lens can weight upwards of 10 lbs.

    If you can afford it, it should not be missing from your bag! If you can't afford it, find a way to get one in your bag. You will not be sorry!!!!!
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    The ultimate portrait lens????

    Nikon has three lenses designed specifically for portraiture in its line-up. The other two are the 135mm f/2D DC and the 85mm f/1.4 AFD.

    Construction is top notch, and as a 105mm goes, the lens is big and heavy, but balances nicely on a DSLR. AF is fast enough, and unlike others I don't think its 'moderately noisy'. It has a built in lens hood which can be locked by rotation, but that is not necessary, as you can just pull it forwards and it remains in place.

    You can use it with the DC feature off, and the bokeh is nice enough. Using the Defocus Image feature allows you to control bokeh in front or behind the subject. DC must be set before focusing. It will make the subject slightly soft, but you can control this by reducing the DC. I for example sometimes use f/4 with DC at f/2.8 when I want the subject to be sharpest. Similarly you can go over with the DC and produce an even softer effect. With the DC at neutral, peak sharpness will be at f/4. For portraiture I use f/2.8-4.

    The 105mm DC is said to be better than its brother 135mm, but I don't have that lens to compare. I do have a 85mm f/1.4 AFD, another top notch performer, and for some reason more popular than this lens. As a portrait lens the 105mm has the DC feature and an amazing ability to render difficult subjects 'nicer than life'. Meaning less than perfect skin (blemishes, acne, wrinkles). I therefore find that when shooting adults, the 105mm DC stays on my camera more often.
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    Unbelieveable Lens!

    First of all I need to start this review out by stating that I find this optic to be nothing short of revolutionary. The whole concept of allowing the user to control spherical abberation and to choose whether they want a softer foreground or background is phenomenal.

    The DC ring on the lens adjusts spherical abberation by under or over-correcting for spherical abberation. When a lens is over-corrected for spherical abberation, you have soft out of focus foreground elements and "harsh" out of focus background elements. When a lens is *under* corrected for spherical abberation, you have the reverse - soft background elements and harsh foreground elements. When the DC ring is set at the neutral position, the lens is given average correction for spherical abberation, which means that both the foreground and background elements will have "neutral" out of focus characteristics, and they will have a uniform solid "disk" shape in intensity.

    This lens has a reputation for fine performance wide open at f/2, and stunning image quality between f/2.8 and f/4. My sample backs up these claims. Not only is the in-focus subject supremely sharp, but by using the defocus control feature you can progressively soften the background (or foreground) from pleasingly soft to effectively un-defined "mush". Color and contrast are absolutely top-notch.

    And, if that isn't enough, you can also set the lens to give a very, very sublte soft focus effect. This effect is far more pleasing and not quite as "right in your face" as what a high quality soft focus filter would give. Very classy and tasteful soft focus effects can be used for portraits of people who more or less can benefit from a bit of soft focus. But as stated, the effect isn't as obvious as a soft focus filter.

    This may very well be THE most perfect portrait lens in 35mm photography. Nikon specifically designed this lens around portraiture. However, this lens can also be used as a "general purpose" lens for photographers who are looking for a medium telephoto lens to use in low light. I have used this lens for theater photography with relatively fast film with great results.

    Ergonomics and handling of this lens are excellent. Manual focusing is fantastic. Very well dampened. Construction quality is made out of metal (not all that common these days) with Nikon's "professional" crinkle finish. Comes with build in lens shade.

    Nikon has never really gotten behind these series of lenses and really "sold" them to the photogaphic public. A very high percentage of owners of this lens do not even bother using the defocus control feature, and leave it at neutral. Some photographers have claimed that the DC ring settings have virtually no effect, which is untrue. From one setting (on one "side" of the ring) to the next the effect is subtle for sure. But the effect of the DC lens have been well established. What is puzzling is that I have even tried to find literature about this lens and have come up empty. It really amazes me that Nikon would put the amount of engineering into a lens like this and not provide a solid amount of promotion at least amongst professional photographers.

    In conclusion, I should note that this is a very, very expensive piece of glass. If you are interested in doing first-rate portrait photography, this would be an excellent investment, but if you are not interested in doing portrait photography or "distance" shots in low light, then this would be a very unwise purchase decision.
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    Nikkor 105mm f2 AF DC

    Have had various incarnations of the venerable 105mm f2.5 Nikkor including rangefinder, standard, AIS, AF ad nauseum over the years.
    The slightly wider aperture makes for even brighter viewfinder image but that never appeared a problem with the old ones. The slightly shallower depth of field wide open can be useful but with portraits, one usually stops down even though focusing on the eyes so that the nose, forehead, ears and hair come out sharply, or as sharply as one wants. With the DC, you can play with the out of focus effect to either the front or rear of the plane which you have focused on, altering, subtly and not quite so subtly, the final image. Was it worth the hefty price tag vis a vis a 105mm f2.5? It depends on the seriousness of photography in your life and your abilities to utilize its unique properties. Sorry, there is no definitive answer. I have voted yes because I plan to keep it.

    David Blocher, Chicago, USA
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    Quality Specialty Lens

    The quality of this lens is superb, worthy of the Nikon name. All of the professional Nikon lenses are well made and rugged, and this one's no exception. It is an older style D lens with an aperture ring (which Nikon eliminated in the newer style) as well as a defocus control.

    If you shoot portraits this lens is particularly wonderful, although I should point out that defocus control requires some practice. You can independently adjust front or rear focus so that your subject is sharp and your background is blurred to the exact amount (and style) that you want.

    This is not a good lens choice for the casual shooter. Defocus has a specific use and it's overkill for a lot of applications, and you'll pay extra for it. However, the lens does what it's supposed to and with some practice you can create some visually stunning images that "pop" off the page with dimensionality.

    If you're a casual shooter looking for a fast, sharp prime lens, I'd recommend either the 85mm 1.8 or the 60mm 2.8 Macro (which is another great lens) which are both much cheaper.
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    Absolutely amazing!

    If you have been using kit lenses or maybe a step above but have been wondering if the step up to a pro piece of glass was worth the money; well I'm to tell you it is. The first picture I took was a head shot of a female friend. WOW WOW and WOW again. Even my friend was stunned. 3D like image, sharp and clear with cream cheese bokeh. Shot at f/2 and the image pops due to the shallow dof and bokeh. The lens itself is something special to behold. Heavy and built like a tank. I now truly know what pro glass feels like to hold and use. It makes every other lens I have,except my nifty fifty, seem like a toy. This lens focuses fast and sure with no searchng like my my nifty fifty, seem like a toy. This lens focuses fast and sure with no searchng like my others. So fast the first time that it caught me off guard The photos are stunning. They are life-like. Colorful, 3D, almost coming off the print This is by no means a technical review. I'll leave that to the engineers and pros, but on the end product where it counts this lens is a 10! Just from the response so far, I know this lens will make me money for a long time and is worth every penny of the price If you are reading this it means you are probably interested in purchasing this lens. STOP! Read no further and buy it already. You will not be disappointed Now to find my next piece of pro glass. 17-55 f/2.8? Hmm. :-) I own: D80 waiting for D400?, 105mm dc, 50mm f1.4, 18-55mm, 55-200mm, 18-Read full review...


    The best a portrait lens can get

    This is my favorite portrait lens.

    It is one of if not THE sharpest lens that Nikon makes.

    I personally don't use it for speed / low light photography but as a studio lens.
    I do not play or take advantage of Defocus (Bokeh) Control. Shoot mainly at F8 in controlled light environment. The lens produces the sharpest, most detailed images while also producing pleasing, slightly reddish, warm skin tones.

    Lens built like a tank in an old school heavy-duty metal body. It's not overly long or heavy though. It has a built-in twist-on/off hood.

    I honestly wish Nikon made more lenses of this kind of build quality / sharpness / compactness and relative lightness.
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    Classic unmatched by todays best

    Nikon has always had those special lenses that will never be replicated or bettered. A simply perfect optical formula for its intended purpose is an art that has been lost in modern, plastic, high volume lenses. While these modern lenses can also be well made and optically exceptional, a solid, reliable, and proven lens like this will live on well past the failure of the latest and greatest ultrasonic motors.
    Pros: perfectly constructed, optics are unmatched for the intended use, works on almost any decent Nikon, will last forever with basic care and storage.
    Cons: some focus hunting in low light-very rare, but noted.
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    Learn to use it properly and you'll love it!

    Excellent portrait lens along with its big brother the 135mm. You must learn how to use it properly or you'll be disappointed. I thought it didn't focus properly at first, it was too soft, etc., bit when I learned how to use it for what it was designed for, I fell in love with it. I use it without the defocus as well.. Nearly as good as any 105mm Nikon has ever produced. YMMVRead full review...

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