New Casio G’zOne Ravine 2 C781 Verizon PTT Rugged NON-CAM Cell Phone *New in Box – compraoy

New Casio G’zOne Ravine 2 C781 Verizon PTT Rugged NON-CAM Cell Phone *New in Box

$ 78.95



Casio G’zOne Ravine 2 C781 – Black (Verizon) Rugged PTT Cellular Phone **No Camera**  New in Verizon Box

Phone is brand new in original factory box (Box has light cosmetic wear from removing a sticker or has writings)

Sale includes:
Phone (New)  NO Camera
Genuine battery (New/Sealed)
Genuine battery door (New/Sealed)
Genuine Wall charger and cable (New/Sealed)
Verizon Sim card
Original Box

Network Technology

CDMA / CDMA2000 1X


GSM 850/900/1800/1900 (Quadband) CDMA 800/1900

Phone is ready for activation with Verizon wireless service you can add it to an existing account (Not for prepaid).

Shipping to U.S.A

by Top favorable review

Casio G'z One Ravine 2 refurbished

Good phone insofar as it is very water resistant and tough. Bad in that won't hold a charge all day unless left on the charger all night despite phone saying to take off to conserve energy. Verizon service still an issue esp with transferring contacts, only about 1/2 made it over to this new phone and I'm still discovering ones I no longer have. Bad also insofar as the loudness. Even on low volume, is way too loud! Not sure I'd buy another one of the same model. I had the G'z One Rock before and wish I'd looked for another one of those or not switched over to this new phone as soon as I did. Good product tho for those who are not ready to go to a full "smart" phone, this one more military toughness grade, but it's size is bigger than the Rock, which I don't particularly care for (is this what is meant by a "small form factor"? I have no idea). Maybe it's just me, adapting to new phone but the whole contact transfer and backup assistant thing with Verizon is majorly screwed up! All in all, I have to say a good buy for anyone else. :)Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: taylorwireless

by Top critical review

Good phone. too bad not accepted on verizon network any longer.

I have had 2 of these phones over the past ten years. I loved the phone. Compact, long battery life, good features, and milspec waterproof. Unfortunately, verizon obsoleted the phone the week I purchased it and would not activate it. I had lost the previous handset. So, I did contact the seller and after a bit he agreed to accept it back, as it can't be used on verizon network.Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: usacells


Tough basic phone that lasts through dust, rain, and drops.

I owned a Casio GZ type S for 5 years. It was a great phone until it stopped receiving or being able to place calls. Repair shop thought bad antenna but were unable to repair it. After research bought this GZ Ravine 2. Great phone so far except for battery life. My old phone would last me a week and this one about 3-4 days. If this one lasts like my old phone should be a good investment.
I like the large contact book, large easy to read numbers, and good easy to understand speaker. I don't need or want all the other features but wanted a rugged phone. My phone gets dropped and exposed to moisture and dust when off road motorcycling and hiking. If you want a solid reliable phone that doesn't break when dropped then this phone is for you.
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Pretty good flip phone with a few quirks

I bought this phone to replace my old LG Revere 2. I wanted a basic phone that I could use to text and make calls. Overall, the Casio is a pretty good phone that accomplishes that, despite a few strange design decisions.

The brilliant:
- The phone features a pedometer that counts your steps, calories burned, and even tracks your progress on a partially animated virtual tour. Since getting this phone, I've been more motivated to exercise. In my opinion, this is the phone's best feature.

The good:
- Sturdy construction
- Stylish
- Good call quality
- There is no side camera button, which prevents taking accidental photos of the inside of my pocket.

The bad:
- Vibration on this phone is very long and loud. If you disable the exterior buttons, like I have, then there is no easy way to mute the vibration. Hence I often keep the phone on full silent unless I am outdoors.
- The phone has no option for typing the first few characters of someone's name to find them in your address book. I don't know how common this feature is on other phones, but my LG Revere 2 had it, and I used it quite often.
- For some reason, when customizing the shortcuts, the phone doesn't give the option of selecting all of the possible options. It limits your choices to a few.

The puzzling and unfortunate:
- The phone has a side button that activates voice recognition! No idea why they made this design decision. Why would I want to be able to access my phone in this way when it is closed? There is a way to disable it, but you have to disable ALL of the exterior buttons, including the volume and push-to-talk button. In my opinion, this is the phone's worst feature.
- When you send a text message, the exterior screen displays that fact to the world. Again, no idea why they would design it this way.

All that being said, the Casio G'zOne Ravine 2 is a pretty good phone for basic use, and I am usually happy with it, especially when I reach my walking goals for the day.
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: usacells


Great Phone, Short Battery Life; Check Model Number.

I wanted a sturdy phone that would last, and this phone fits the bill. I had tried a less expensive Convoy II, but it literally fell into pieces while in my pocket. I like the feel and heft of this phone and it has all of the features I need. However, it has a short battery life and the extended life batteries for this model (C781) are very expensive ($80 -$100). If you purchase a Casio G'zOne Ravine 2 be sure to check the model number and cost of an extended battery, you will probably want one.Read full review...


"NO CAMERAS ALLOWED" This is the phone!

My work place industry requirements are, cell phones with cameras are not allowed. This phone meets requirements and has worked great for my son and I that work at different government installations. This style phone without camera is getting harder to come by. The battery life is great. The ability to place and receive calls has never been a issue. This phone is a survivor, with numerous drops to steel decks and concrete and came up working.Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: refurbished | Sold by: best_deal_today


good basic phone

bad news if you wanted to listen to tunes w Bluetooth think before phone was updated by version the sd card could be filled w music and played w Bluetooth so worked great,, w smart phones now there money maker they disabled feature so smart phones would be sold.. is great phone but wish could revert to older operations to get full use of phone pike the good old days and don't know what a sma of large form factor is so guessed yes..Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: aviannallc98


Good tough phone for the value, with limited battery and text memory.

This really seems to be a tough, rugged phone. I needed one that could keep up with me and provide the basic services I need on the job. It has good call quality, is LOUD for when I'm working, and easy to use.
On the down side, if you like specialty ring tones, you may be disappointed, as I have been unable to transfer any of my ring tones from my old phone to this one. Also, the text memory is small, and I cannot move texts to the memory card, so I am constantly having to be reminded to delete my texts. The battery life is not as good as expected, also.
Overall, for what I paid for this phone, I'm satisfied with the value.
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Great phone for those whose priority is ruggedness,

This is a nice, hefty phone. I bought it for reliability. I wanted something I could take out in the field for work and play and not have to worry that a cracked screen or flimsy build would come between me and an emergency call. I have only owned the phone for a couple of weeks, but so far have not had any major complaints. The camera is only average and the sound quality TX and RX are slightly sub-par, but a rugged, well built phone it does appear to be.Read full review...


great phone

Phone is rugged, easy to use, with great battery life. A great phone for one that don't want all the bells and whistles or the I- pad type phones.

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: dealscaly


I broke 2 of these because of anger (snapped the hinge) but it's a good burner phone to do such a thing, by how cheap it is.

Upon given tests (well, life got thrown at it), I can say that it holds up to it's ruggedness, unless you throw it as hard as you can onto concrete (which is duh) but for it's value, it's easily replacable.

I actually am getting better at that, but the phone previously survived a bunch of drops from pocket-height like nothing. I've also kept this thing charged for 3 days at a time which is better than my smartphone. I really don't like using phones for other than phone work, and I can say Getting a smartphone would be better in the longrun for functionality, but if you want to pay super cheap every month, and have decent cell cervice, and only text and call, you can say that this does it's job well.
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Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: cellularprofessor

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