NEW! Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera 18.0 w/ EFS-S 18-55mm Lens Kit

NEW! Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera 18.0 w/ EFS-S 18-55mm Lens Kit

$ 349.95



Canon EOS Rebel T5 Digital SLR Camera 18.0 w/ EFS-S 18-55mm Lens Kit
BRAND NEW! NEVER TURNED ON OR USED! I purchased this camera full price and was given a new one for my birthday before I even got to use this one! My loss is your gain!
Comes with: Digital camera, zoom lens EF-S 18-55mm, battery charger, battery pack, wide strap, interface cable, and software CD rom. 
Box has slight wear to it from being stored and moved around. 
Please note this camera does not come with a memory card. You will need to separately purchase one before use. 
USA buyers only. I accept PayPal only! Please message me with any questions beforehand as I do not accept returns.
I am going to have to ship this in a priority mail LARGE flat rate box which is why shipping is a little expensive. BUT, wouldn’t you rather have the camera get to you in one piece? 😉 
Thanks for looking!

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Good product, great value!

I upgraded from the Rebel XT to the Canon Rebel T5 for the increased resolution but got much more! With image stabilization, live view in both still and video mode, better auto focus will allow me to get back in photography! Due to eye sight, I could not always get a sharp image but now I can! Using the image preview in live mode, I can really get a sharp focus!
The new lens are sharper than the older ones and with the higher resolution, I can crop/zoom images to get a larger print!
Bottom line. This was money well spent and at $150 less than Sam's Club price makes it even better!!
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The Canon Rebel T5 is a good camera for the hobbyist or first time digital SLR person.
Some of the accessories in this deal are pretty cheap. Not the quality I expected from a Canon product... In hindsight it would have been better for me to wait for Costco to restock the $469.00 T6 with less accessories.Read full review...

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Canon EOS Rebel T5

I already had an 18-55mm version II EF-S lens from an older Rebel so all I needed was the body. Great price ... inexpensive way for me to upgrade to 18.2 megapixels and HD video and better light sensitivity!

Only real drawback is in video mode, the lens does not continually autofocus while videoing. You can autofocus onto your subject then start videoing, but if the subject walks towards the lens then you're forced to focus manually. But that's just the way the T5 works. The T6 series does better at continuous video autofocus but you have to shell out a lot more money.

For my needs the T5 is great! Great low-light performance, decent battery life, easy to use, sharp photos, the bonus of a second HD video camera without buying another video camera, solid audio recording from the built-in mic (no mic input for external mic). It's light and compact for a DSLR. If you've used a Rebel before then the learning curve is shallow and fast! Fast response when shooting as an SLR so you don't miss any shots. Built in flash doesn't overpower pictures. Shutter priority and aperture priority modes work very well and exposure compensation function is solid.

All in all for under $270 ... super happy! And I got it with free shipping a day before estimated delivery date. I'm a happy camper!
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A vary nice dslr

This is my first DSLR camera. I have owned a lot of digital point and shoots, and there has always been things about them that made me not want to use them for the very reasons I wanted a good camera to do. Having owned several very nice SLRs, I'm rather critical of cameras and the end results they provide.

That said, I haven't used this particular camera a lot yet, I've only had it for about a month now. But here is what I like about this camera. It is probably the best choice for an entry level DSLR buyer like me. It wasn't difficult to get it up and running, I had good results with my first efforts, and it wasn't all that expensive to try.

The only bad thing is the instruction manual. It was helpful, but too much gobbledegook. If you buy this camera, get a good after-market book such as "David Busch's Canon EOS Rebel T5/1200D".

As I stated, I haven't owned this camera long. I'm still learning about it and the creative possibilities that are there. And just a note to prospective buyers. If you've owned cameras before, you probably already have a lot of the stuff in bundle deals. This particular one was the best bundle I found without paying for things I did not need. Happy shooting!
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Buy with confidence for this Top Quality Outfit..

This is an awesome camera with great picture/video quality...It has many creative features but can also used as a point-and-shoot. To get the most out of the T5, the 342 page instruction manual can be downloaded/printed from Canon. It is easy to read and well worth the effort. The camera/lens combined weight is very comfortable for all day shooting. The only thing I added to the outfit was the vertical hold as it allows the use of 2 batteries for extended time, which is especially valuable when shooting Videos. The only drawback for me is that the LCD monitor is fixed to the camera and can be an issue when shooting overhead. For what is included in this outfit...You can't beat the price...Read full review...


Great Camera, Very Nice Photo, Lots of Options

The Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR Camera is a wonderful and well built camera, that takes awesome pictures. The optional EF 75-300MM Lens will make taking long distance picture a breeze. The camera comes with many editing options and shutter control, and the included Canon Software is easy to use and make organizing and editing pictures quick and simple. I highly recommend the Canon EOS Rebel T5 DSLR camera for beginner and advance photographerRead full review...

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Good Starter DSLR

Speaking as someone who has no background in cameras, this makes an excellent first-time or amateur DSLR. The fully automatic settings allow you to simply point and click, but a slew of additional options are available to you through the settings menus should you wish to get into more depth with photography. A host of supporting products are also available for this camera. Very satisfied. Highly recommend.Read full review...

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Great camera

The Canon Rebel 5 is an extraordinary camera. Somewhat easy to use but has many good features also. It took me some time to figure out how all the different lenses and settings work since it has so many good features and settings... Picture quality is super.....Read full review...

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Spectacular product. Early on shipping!

I needed a camera for my photography class. This set is amazing to come with all these parts. it's so worth the price. The only part i haven't figured out yet is the How to record videos and things. i have the photos down easy. If you are the type of person who gets frustrate, this may not be the camera for you because of how the options are. This camera is nice for the quality of photos and the extras you pay that it comes with. I love taking pictures of nature and sometimes the usual "selfie" I have a instagram that i try to update on a daily basis. warofroses1 if you are interested. Also, one more thing about this camera it loves it when you give it something to focus and make it give that awesome look ( or at least i like it) my cameras in the hasn't done that for me in the past. If i needed to buy another i'd buy from cannon again. The shipping is on time and PERFECT condition on packaging.Read full review...


Very Pleased

After researching my options I purchased this EOS T5 REBEL. When I received the package one of the lenses was damaged and Peachtree photo replaced it with another right away without any hassel. My new camera takes beautiful pictures and I am thrilled. The package deal really made the price I paid a bargain because the package contains most everything I want. I would recommend this to anyone. The only drawback was this camera was not purchased from a "certified" Canon dealer which makes it a gray market purchase and the warrenty useless. ( I am NOT going to send the camera to Tiwan for anything!). I did however purchase the extended warrenty which will start right away and Canon offers their tech help to any Canon owner so it works out fine.Read full review...

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Best Camera I have ever had love it

Finally a camera that I can use and take picture with that does what I want it to do. now I can take picture outside of people at a distance and actually tell who the are, it takes awesome landscape photos, greats photos inside as well. I have a small Canon and it's getting SOLD IMMED. due to the fact at 100 yards I could not take a picture of my Grandson at his graduation and it has a telephoto lens ha . ha. this one is a great camera at a smoking price with all the accessories you get with it well worth the price.Read full review...

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