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DryBuddyEZ Full-Featured Bedwetting & Enuresis Alarm – Best Selling eBay Alarm.

$ 36.99



*** DryBuddyEZ full-featured bed wetting alarm at a very
affordable price. Patented, with more features & abilities than most
alarms. Best-selling bedwetting alarm on eBay. EZ on your mind and wallet.

*** The DryBuddyEZ is perspiration resistant and won’t be
triggered by like almost all other bedwetting alarms. • The stainless steel
“Hold-Tight” sensor attaches easily and firmly. • The patented design allows
you to attach the DryBuddyEZ alarm box to any part of the clothing worn by your
child or patient.• No supplies needed for using the sensor. Save time, money
and hassle.

*** The DryBuddyEZ is a unique and complete computer
controlled full-featured bed-wetting alarm with music, vibration &
combination with continuous volume control (from 0 to 90 dB) at an affordable
low price. • LED light and color shows ON/Off/Alarm/Low Battery and when the
alarm is ON.

*** You can set the DryBuddyEZ alarm to suit your needs, and
attach the alarm box anywhere on your child or patient’s clothing. • Use it as
may be best and most convenient for your child or patient. Do not be limited by
what is imposed on you by “know it all” manufacturers who are cutting many
corners and functionality. Buy the facts, not the hype!

*** The alarm box has a 1 year limited warranty. • Registered
with the FDA and CE Certified so you know that you are getting a bedwetting
alarm that meets all U.S. and European standards and regulatory requirements. •
FSA Insurance Eligible. May be eligible for other health insurance.

More Info:

DryBuddyEZ Complete Bedwetting & Enuresis Alarm. New Model 2. Get the Best for Much Less. Your BEST VALUE in Bed Wetting Alarms.

BEST SELLING and FASTEST SELLING Bedwetting alarm on eBay.

The DryBuddyEZ is a convenient and inexpensive way to be alerted when bedwetting occurs. It is intended to help children of age
five and older to cure nocturnal enuresis or bedwetting problems, or as
recommended by a medical authority. The DryBuddyEZ can also be used to alert caregivers for patients with
incontinence or other urine control problems when the patient may not be
awake, or is unable to sense the wetness and may need assistance.

A unique and complete full-featured bed-wetting alarm with music, vibration & combination with continuous volume control at an exceptionally low price. LED light and color shows ON/Off/Alarm/Low Battery.

Patented unique design and features allow for very convenient and comfortable use. Attach the DryBuddyEZ alarm box anywhere you wish to on the night shirt.

The caregiver (parent) and patient (child) can use the DryBuddyEZ easily. Attach the DryBuddyEZ alarm to the shirt using its firm plastic clip, or safety pins for flexible positioning, properly holding the alarm in place. Flexible attaching to suit the user!

The newly developed Hold-Tight sensor is a stainless steel clip which is easy to attach, detach and clean.This DryBuddyEZ clip grips about 50% tighter than the most-used clip.

The length of the sensor cable is 88 cms (34″).

Alarm loudness is 90 dB at 10 cms (4″) from ear, and 87 dB at 20 cms (8″) from ear. Volume control continuous and not limited to a few preset volume levels. Compare with claimed volume (in dB) of other alarms.

Weight of alarm (with batteries) is 2 oz., making it convenient to wear. Two standard alkaline AAA batteries are provided.

The DryBuddyEZ is designed to work with urine or salt water. It may not work properly with plain water. Please use salt water for testing.

Don’t waste your money and time on tape, pads, supplies or much higher prices. Buy the facts, NOT the hype!

Don’t waste money on alarms costing 2 to 3 times more and giving you less features and conveniences, and also alarms that do not provide all techncical and performance details so they do not disclose embarrassing deficiencies and keep the buyer ignorant.

All DryBuddy bedwetting alarms are FDA registered so you know that you are getting a bedwetting alarm that meets all U.S. legal and regulatory requirements.

Eligible for FSA insurance reimbursement. Other insurance may also cover reimbursement.

Manufactured in ISO  9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified facility for quality control. RoHS “Green” compliant. CE certified to meet European standards.

Item provided may not be absolutely identical to pictures presented here.

Another Affordable Innovation from DryBuddy.

DryBuddyTM , both the name and the stylized logo, is a trademarked property of Enuresis Solutions, LLC.



Free shipping by First Class U.S. Mail (USPS) to domestic (U.S.) addresses only. Optional Priority Mail service available to domestic (U.S.) addresses.

Shipping available to many other countries – Please check eBay for shipping costs and product availability in your country.


The DryBuddyEZ alarm box comes with a one year limited warranty. The sensor has a 90 days limited warranty. Batteries and physical breakage and damage are not covered by the warranty.

Customer must contact DryBuddy Service providing details of the problem and providing customer’s telephone number and email address. Contact information is on our website. DryBuddy Service will discuss matter with customer. If the item needs to be returned for testing. repair, or replacement, a Return Authorization (RA #) will be emailed to customer’s email address. Customer is responsible for shipping the defective device to the address on the RA email and related shipping costs. Instructions for shipping will be provided in the email.

NOTE: DryBuddy only warrants and supports the DryBuddyEZ and other DryBuddy items sold directly by Enuresis Solutions, LLC (DryBuddy) and authorized resellers. This is the only legitimate offer for DryBuddyEZ on this site. Any other offer for the DryBuddyEZ on this site will not be warranted or supported by DryBuddy.

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Incontinence Aid Product

Full Featured Bed-wetting Alarm & Enuresis Alarm

Country of Manufacture


Hold-Tight StainlessSteel Clip

Holds to briefs 50% tighter than competitor.

Dual Attachment to Night Shirt

Attach with firm Clip and/or Safety-Pins.

Sensor cable firmly connected

616E Connector won't fall out from alarm box.

Best and Fastest Selling Alarm

Best and Fastest Selling Bedwetting Alarm on eBay