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Canon EOS Rebel T6i / EOS D750 24.2MP Digital SLR Camera – Black (Kit w/…

$ 650.00



Literally opened and used one time! Basically brand new! Comes with everything original including receipt!



Excellent Choice!

We got way more than we bargained for with this camera. We bought it to supplement our Canon 5D Mark II and in most ways it smokes it. From the flip out screen to focus face recognition follow tracking to using SD cards rather than compact flash, this has quickly taken the lead for us when shooting video, which is why we have these cameras to begin with.

High quality pics, super easy to use, and less than a third the price of a 5D Mark IV should we choose to upgrade. Lightweight as well. The only complaint might be that you can't control or monitor the sound input but we record sound separately anyway. BTW the built in mic actually does a great job, much to our surprise.

Highly recommended, especially at its price point. It'll get a lot more use than our 5D, particularly on our basic projects, quick shoots and interviews, and remote projects in the field. We'll also be using it for flying on our crane jib and glide cam. Oh and it also has wi-fi and GPS if you need either.
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Not an Instamatic Camera.

Be ready to become overwhelmed by what you as a novice don't know. This is a wonderful camera and after watching numerous instructional videos on U-tube, you seem to know less. Take heart, there is an automatic mode which saves the day until you learn how to take photographs like a pro. I feel this may take me some time to learn. After playing with it for a while I'm more confused than ever and intend to seek a photography class at the local Community College, (provided the instructors remain nonpolitical). I've been told the glass is more important than the body which is why I didn't get the two lens bundle. I now feel I should have forgone the bundle and just purchased the camera and lens alone. To a newbie, all the accompanying items seem unnecessary. The Tripods are cheap and wobble, the flash also cheap. Still haven't been able to figure out the Universal Wireless Remote Control and the list goes on.
Overall the Canon T6i is great. I am learning every time I pick it up and am looking forward to shooting some great photographs.
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Well worth the investment...

This is a refurbished unit that was described as having some visible wear. For me it is an upgrade from a t2i that I have used mostly to shoot auditions. When I opened the box, I was surprised at the condition of the body and lens - pretty close to pristine - but when I shot the first video/photos is when it began to shine. Video/photo quality are very good, ease of use, touch screen etc. make this camera a pleasure to work with - it has reinvigorated my interest in still photography.Read full review...

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Great Camera for a Great Price!

This is a great, lightweight, relatively inexpensive, and in all ways perfect DSLR camera that really has everything that you could possibly want or need in an under $1000 camera. The pictures are super clear, and the video quality is amazing. All the features work perfectly, and contains everything you need for a great price! Highly recommend to other people!Read full review...

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Image quality

Just got this, so have some learning to do. It takes excellent quality color photos. And I note that in a non-flash lower light environment, it seems to be capable of yielding pretty good quality photos. Better than any other camera I've had. Video quality is not on par with still image quality. Not to say that it's bad, though. I didn't buy it specifically for taking videos, however. Only other con is....the battery life doesn't seem to be as long as I expected. I'm going to supplement that by buying an additional battery. Other than that, it's the best still camera I've every had.Read full review...

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Great bundle

Great camera with some extra you actually need for simple photography. I picked this bundle, because it's not extended like other with a lot of items you don't really need. And, of course, main reason is camera: light, simple, and at the same time having every feature you need for advanced photos. Considering 24 MP, cards total for 80 GB are quite helpful.Read full review...

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Great Camara great price

Although I am a novice with camera's this one is easy to use and takes sharp pictures, right now I am using it on automatic mode I intend to learn to use all of its features since I am retired and have plenty of time to work with it. Since most camera are digital everything is instant making learning easy.Read full review...

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This is a very good camera. If you want to use any of its primary 3 modes- Aperture or Shutter Preferred, as well as Program, it is super easy to use. Manual however is a different stort, since you must use the screen, rather than the viewfinder to see if your under or over exposed.
The camera is very quiet and reasonably lightweight. The zoom it came with is very sharp.
To get the full benefit of the camera, you MUST read the instruction book, which is over 150 pages long. If your aim is to simply take great snapshots, easily, with very high definition, this is your camera.
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Worth Every Penny!

I bought the bundle and it was worth it. The camera was ready to go as soon as I charged the battery, Picture quality is superb. Override functions allow you to customize pretty much everything or leave it on automatic focus and the camera will do the rest.
It's been a while since I have been seriously involved with photography so it will take a bit of learning on the Canon but every minute is enjoyable. Even a novice can start shooting great pictures with some nice effects as well. Highly recommend this Canon bundle.
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Solid camera with incredible quality!

This camera is a fantastic DSLR. It takes extremely high quality photos and video, and every time I upload my pictures to my computer I am blown away! This is my first high quality DSLR, and I am very impressed with the ease of use and how much you can customize it to your preferences.

I highly suggest it for photography of any kind!
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