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Canon EOS 60D Digital SLR Camera Body (U9105)

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Canon EOS 60D digital camera body… was previously owned… great condition… very minor scuffs from usage… Canon letters have been colored in blue… includes strap, battery & charger… no other accessories are included… all functions work properly… shutter count approx 23539

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The DSLR I've always wanted

I've wanted a DSLR for years, but couldn't justify the price for a "hobby" item. Canon discontinued the 60D with 18Mp sensor this past year to replace with the 70D with 21Mp sensor. I have big hands and long fingers, and the 60D body was much bigger than the EOS series so it is more comfortable to hold and operate in my hands. The price I paid was less than 1/2, more like 1/3 normal MSRP. The 60D is rated at 100K shutter activations, and this one was barely used at only 2500 as stated by the seller, verified myself with a separate program once I received it! This is the USA model with Titanium body vs. the Euro/Turkey with Plastic body!
I acquired a couple of inexpensive Canon lenses....18-55 macro/zoom, and a 55-250 zoom, both with auto focus and image stabilization. The autofocus is quite quick and accurate, and adjustable in the zones within the viewfinder. I'm looking forward to many years and thousands of photos worth of enjoyment.
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by Top critical review

Great camera!

Box with camera and accessories arrived earlier than promised and appeared initially to be perfect. On additional time of trial, I found the camera to act as if it was not getting power from the battery. The package included a battery and charger. After several trials of attempting to repower the battery I found the battery or charger or both to be the problem, so camera is great, accessories an issue. Lower score due to that fact.Read full review...

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Very Happy with this Camera

This is a step up from my last camera. There is a bit of a learning curve, but it is worth every penny so far. Great resolution, able to get tack sharp photos with the 55 - 250mm kit lens. Long battery life. Nice review screen. Controls are placed in convenient spots for easy access. I like the fact that I can use the review screen for low macro shots in camera live mode. My old DSLR was only 8 MP, this one is 18 MP and the difference is incredible.

I haven't found the negative yet with this camera.
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Great camera. I got it at a reasonable price.

I've been a canon camera buyer for over 45 years and none of my canon cameras from the film cameras (e.g., Ae-1, FTB, rebel, several point and shoot cameras, EOS etc., ) to my digital and video cameras have failed me. My 60D works very well in low light and shoots well with the built in flash. Shooting sports is fun again and candid shoots of my grandbaby without the flash is great. I now use my 40D as a backup. I've tried Nikon products but i always gravitate back to canon. My friend, a professional photographer swears by Nikon but admits my photos with the canons are excellent. My wife likes Sony....but you can't win over photos are much better than her Sony lens from my EOS Elan film camera works well with the 60D so I didn't need to buy new lens. I know canon will come out with a new 70D but I'm happy with the 60D and it's going to be hard for canon to make me put the 60D in the backup position. I bought the 60D because of the HD video and the swivel viewfinder. Love it...I must admit I have to get use to the on-off switch on the photo selection dial. Battery life is great.Read full review...


Great Camera

This camera takes great pictures. It is pretty easy to pick up and use, there is an auto mode. Lenses can be either auto or manual focus, so it is flexible. Once you get a good feel for how to use the camera some of the other features it offers is awesome and truly lends itself to more of a professional camera. My wife told me she would probably never use it as it was to much for her. She has since played with it taking pictures of our son and uses/knows way more than I do. She absolutely loves it. Its great for hiking, family pictures, sports, you name it.Read full review...

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Brilliant Image quality, Legendary brand,and brillant Flappy screen

This is my first DSLR camera. having being using an old Yashica with film roles in Sri Lanka, to point and shoots, this camera manages to outclass all of the rest.
First picture I took came out beautifully, making me proud of buying the camera.
The basic zones are clutter free, easy to use, and for more advanced options there is a little learning curve. I'm a bit optimistic about the kit lens. The inbuilt camera functions are great and you don't need a lot to know about photography to take a pro quality photo.
The flappy, twist screen is wonderful and colours are vibrant. It is visible in daylight. Flappy screen is also great for trying out new angles and exceptionally handy in video mode.
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I absolutely love this camera.

This is stop 2 on my journey into photography. It has great range of ISO, Shutter Speed and other settings. This is a great mid point camera with the right lenses I am able to take great shots. I have not tried the sports high speed settings yet, but I expect it to perform as well in that area as it has in the others. Thumbs up!Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: macmsp


Excellent Budget dSLR

The Canon 60D was introduced several years ago but in 2017 is a smart choice for a dSLR on a budget. It offers compatibility with all Canon EF lenses, excellent image quality, full HD video capture and a foldout LCD. It is also compatible with OEM and aftermarket battery grips that provide a secondary shutter release for portrait mode shots and for those that prefer a larger overall body. The shutter is also relatively quiet and while not considered a professional body, it does the job more the adequately with responsive controls and swift auto focusing. Highly recommended overall.Read full review...

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If you're a guy like me who wants his cake and to eat it too, this is it!

Excellent camera. I'm an entry level photogragher and I wanted something easy to use, yet with professional results. This camera takes nice shots.
I particularly like the moveable and adjustable LCD screen. It makes those difficult shots, where your back is against the wall because of space limitations or you want to take a low and away shot without having to get on the ground to focus, alot easier. I also like the button lock on the mode dial. Old EOS Rebel would sometimes get accidently rotated "on" because it had no button lock and I would go to reach for my camera and find that the battery was exhausted because of this.

I'm a Landscaper and I bought this camera so that I could take my own professional photos of my work, before and after, for my website. Great work deserves great shots to produce better referrals and more business. This camera is very reminiscent of my EOS Rebel S, which I still have, but with all the latest upgrades and of course digital technology which is why I bought another to replace my 35mm. I have a beautiful Nikon point and shoot but it is limited and doesn't take the kind of shots that the 60D does. My old lenses even work with the 60D but of course the HD lenses make for a much nicer picture. I'm very happy with my new camera and don't know enough about photography to tear it down. Great grip, great shots, fast multiple shots, easy to use and navigate,.....Great Camera!
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A worthy upgrade for Rebel and xxD users

I had been shooting with a Rebel XT for a few years, which is a wonderful 8 MP camera. But, the small size, small LCD, restricted ISO, etc. imposed limitations on image capture possibilities.

Initially, I considered upgrading within the Rebel line to one of the models that had a 3-inch LCD. Around that time, the T1i and T2i were introduced. However, I was not impressed with the size and button layout. Yes, you get the resolution, video, etc., but if you're going to be shooting hundreds or thousands of photos in a single day, the body has to quite functional.

Finally, we have the 60D and 7D. I read the reviews and was torn between the T2i, 60D and 7D. Based on reviews alone, I was seriously looking at the 7D. But, after I had a chance to compare all three side by side, the 60D got my vote. Why? Here is my point of view:

* The 60D has the right size and weight to fit comfortably in my hand. I tend to hand hold a majority of my shots (particularly when traveling). So, size and weight are big factors. Let's face it: if you have medium+ hands, the Rebels are cramped. Yes, they work well, but they are geared to the entry-level photographer. The 7D is a beast - I was shocked at how heavy it is in the hand - and that was without a battery grip. If you use a tripod for a majority of your shooting, then the 7D weight won't be as much of a factor.

* The 60D hits the sweet spot for the Rebel upgrader. By this I mean that if you're looking to advance in photography, the 60D is a good choice. It's sandwiched between the T2i and 7D in the Canon lineup (and priced as such). You get a blend of features between lines. I got the bigger LCD, higher ISO, increased fps, video, etc. that were on my list.

* Wireless flash. If you have an off-camera flash, this is a fantastic feature the T2i does NOT have. The 60D lets you use your flash wirelessly without the need for a master. Again, for more advanced photography, this is excellent and extremely useful.

Let's talk about the LCD. The size and resolution are impressive. Do you need the tilt/swivel? If you plan to shoot video - absolutely. If you do stills - maybe not, although it can be handy for challenging angles (ground, overhead). The hinge is very sturdy and it's effortless to move around. My wife has a PowerShot with the same sort of LCD (albeit much smaller). It has remained sturdy and reliable. So, if you're concerned about durability, I say don't be. Plus, when not in use, the screen tucks away and is protected.

What about the buttons? You may have read comments and seen reviews where people knock the buttons. They don't click like on other Canon models. They are more of a "soft push" type. Why? Perhaps to reduce button noises during audio recordings. I was concerned about this after reading reviews, but it is a bit overblown in comments, I think.

Popular Photography has just come out with a review (Feb 2011 issue). Their bottom-line take is that the 60D is a "middleweight marvel" and a great upgrade choice. They say it surpasses the 50D in most areas and bests the Nikon D7000.

My final advice: Lay hands on the T2i, 60D and 7D. Don't simply go by reviews without touching the cameras. You may find the T2i hits your checklist just fine. Or, you may want the more pro features found in the 7D. You really can't go wrong with any of these models, but you could be disappointed by missing features, size, weight, layout, etc.
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Great Camera, Solid Features

This camera has strengths and weaknesses like any, but depending on the application, this camera is a great! Very solid picture quality, but this camera is really the choice for amateur video producers who want depth-of-field in real progressive frames. This is the least expensive best quality camera if you want 1080p 24fps AND 720P 60fps on flash memory (with an articulated screen). There are a couple of 1080i and quasi-24fps (embedded inside of 60i) but it your shooting documentaries, music videos, short films, etc, and you are on a low budget, this camera is for you.

Because its a dslr you will have to get some accessories to make it fully usable for video (stability, external mic), but a tripod is the cheapest way to go for steady shots. This is the little, little brother of the famous Canon EOS 5D, however the 60D is more like the 7D since it doesn't have the full-frame sensor.

Some people complain about the build, but a metal build that people want in this camera, to me doesn't leave me wanting anything. However, the 60D and 7D I think have the same video quality, and just search either the 60D or 7D on Vimeo and you'll see the ability.
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