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Canon EOS 5D 12.8MP Full Frame Digital SLR Camera Body #395

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    by Top favorable review

    Love this camera. Lucked out with the buy it now and got it 5 days before I thought I work. Thank you so much.

    I've been a "professional" photographer who used a Canon t3i for 7 years. I've used other cameras in between but for what I needed, I always stuck to my basic camera and did actor headshots every few months and earned enough money that I paid the camera and lenses back multiple times. Never been interested in a full frame camera over a crop as there's really no huge difference with bokeh if you know what your doing, also, if full frame is so much better with crop why not just go medium format which crushes both? But, I decided I wanted to wade in the waters of full frame without paying thousands. After all I am semi professional, not a full time job. So I decided to go old school, get the Canon 5d. It's used so there's lots of risk. But right away, I love it. You take pictures with it. You can barely review them on camera. But it's a photography tool. No special tracking focus. No video. No insane see the night. But what it does, it does very, very well.Read full review...

    Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: california545

    by Top critical review

    Very bad LED display.

    LED display on rear of camera is of extremely low quality. Even though this camera has a full frame image sensor, it is too outdated.

    It is more worthwhile to pursue a more recent version of this camera or another camera all together. I returned this item not realizing that my current camera, a Canon 70 D, which has a crop sensor, produces better pictures.Read full review...

    Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: kehoutlet


    Built like a tank, pro-quality pictures on budget

    Canon EOS 5D is the cheapest way to get into the game of full-frame photography. Although there are not features found in today's modern full-frame DSLR, this camera offers just what you need - photography. Awesome image quality. Built like a tank, works great even after THIRTEEN YEARS! And, of course, that mystical "canon color" is yet another special trait of the 5D classic. If you are looking for full-frame DSLR and on a budget, this one should not be missed.Read full review...

    Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: pre-owned | Sold by: gorthlak


    Love it so much I own two!

    I bought a second 5D I liked my first one so much! I cannot compare this camera to the newer cameras today, that would be like comparing apples and oranges. This camera has a unique feel and produces beautiful images with film like quality and colors that are absolutely gorgeous. The controls are simple and focused on the core activities of true photography. My photography skills have improved greatly since I purchased my first 5D and it's a joy to use. ironically the 12 MB file size is really a good balance and doesn't take up massive amounts of storage space on your CD card or your computer's hard drive. Unless you're printing extremely large prints you don't need more than this. I crop some and still end up with plenty of megapixels. almost all photographs now days are displayed online, and even if you're viewing on a 4K you will never need more than eight megapixels and most pics display beautifully with 3 mega pixels. sure a 50 megapixel file lets you crop more but 12 megapixels is perfectly fine for the photographer who takes their time and tries to fill the frame with their subject. I paid $320 for each of my 5D's, an amazing value for the money! I am not a professional and do not make my living taking pictures, so frames per second, improved focusing abilities, live view, video, and all the other bells and whistle's are totally unnecessary for someone who just takes pictures for the joy of it.Read full review...

    Verified purchase: No


    Great value for a Full Frame

    You will not get much support from Canon for these old cameras. However, repair for Any Full Frame camera would usually cost more than a Used Classic 5D anyways. A Full Frame camera for less than $500.. or even $1000 is extremely rare, and incredible. the UI is a bit archaic, but at 12 MPx, you can make fairly large prints. Highest ISO settings do become quite grainy, compared to newer versions. Yet even still, Hardly any affordable camera these days are able to utilize the full projection of your lenses, wether those are Canon EF, FD lenses, or universal M42. Also, The camera has no video, If you are Only doing Still Photography, this is a Great Camera! The only thing I don't like about this camera is the lack of Live-View (which is a function I personally rarely use, anyways.)Read full review...

    Verified purchase: No


    A n affordable quality Full-Frame camera

    I do landscape photography. I needed a full frame camera. The Canon 5d MK II was too expensive for me so I decided on its forerunner: the Canon 5D - a heavy and very solid camera. The image quality is superb and it handles really well.

    Although the LCD is a bit small, the settings display is only visible on the small LCD on top of camera and you cannot see the ISO on the inside viewfinder display, these are things to get used to easily. I still have a little problem with setting correct White Balance and/or K but will work this out.

    There is one BIG PLUS for those who use lenses from the old film cameras: My old Sigma Macro gave me an ERROR display when used on my cropped sensor camera - I was told that it was broken and could not be repaired and I was reluctant to have to dispose of the lens. To my surprise and delight it works perfectly on the full frame Canon 5D.

    All in all, I love this camera and I will get used to the differences. Although a few years old, make no mistake: this is a tough quality workhorse camera still used by many professionals. And.. you can get it used for a very decent price.
    Read full review...


    Decent camera, but if you've got the cash, go for 1dx

    Overall, this is a very good camera. I like it a lot.

    There are several things that I've noticed and did not like:

    1. Auto iso works great in daylight/bright indors, but in difficult conditions (at night, badly lit indors) it plainly sucks. And there's no way to, for example, set minimal acceptable shutter speed or get a consistent picture quality with it under those conditions. I tried it at first and now I rarely use it
    2. You cannot create usable pictures at extended iso.
    3. The auto focus is fast, I admit that, but often it focuses not where I'd like it to focus. I assume that they included the face recognition system in canon 1dx to fix that problem. This bug renders most of the 61 auto focus points of this camera useless; I make pictures by selecting a region where I'd like for the picture to be focused. This is a time waster
    Read full review...


    canon 5d

    My first SLR was the canon 30d, then upgraded to the 40d. I loved both those cameras, and the 40d really has been a great camera overall. I happen to come across a great deal on a 5d. You keep hearing about the advantages of a full frame sensor. After testing with some candid shots, it does as well as can be expected. Picture quality is better than the 40d. I did identicle shots between the 40d and 5d, when you zoom in to 100%, you can see it is noticeably clearer. The top display looks nearly the same, minus the iso. The viewfinder is clean and crisp, but the iso,shutter speed etc is a little smaller than the 40d, yet it is readable.
    All in all, it appears to be an upgrade. Cant wait to get out and do some shooting with it and also work with it in studio settings with good lighting.
    Read full review...


    40% of the cost of the new 6D for a full-frame sensor camera - recommend.

    The 5D Classic is barely a move from film to digital. When this camera came out it may have been revolutionary, but the features are somewhat primitive and regressing to the 5D Classic show how far DSLR's have come in quality and features.
    That said, I have a T4i with the crop-sensor and I wanted to see the difference a full frame sensor makes, and it is substantial. This photos are pretty good - I have a 24mm f3.5 L Tilt-Shift (TS-E) which I am having a blast with, creating wide panoramas, or something I have been experimenting with, square photos, both using the shift feature of the lens. Compared to the photos on the T4i, you can see the difference in increased angle you get with the 5D full-frame sensor - I am wondering if I should even keep my T4i since I haven't been using it much.
    The down-side of the 5D Classic is the viewing screen. It is very poor at seeing how the focus was, and barely helps with exposure. I am trying to set up a tablet to increase the size of the image, not sure how that will come out but hope it gives more information than just the on-camera LCD.
    This is a bulky camera, and together with the chunky TS-E lens AND the battery grip, it ways about two bricks(!). But it gives a solid feel. I hardly ever shoot without a tripod.
    Overall, I highly recommend getting the 5D. It does not have an auto sensor-cleaning mode - you have to buy a kit and clean the sensor by hand.
    The 5D is about 40% the cost of the new 6D - balance that with the feature set of the 6D you don't get on the 5D. Remember, the 5D doesn't do video.
    I recommend, for the price versus having a full-frame sensor. Shots come out very nice and I will be entering photos into local competition.
    Read full review...


    CANON 5D

    Best full frame camera for around 1k. Gets best results with cheaper lenses that your Mark II cannot achieve...due to higher resolution of 21 mps. Also achieves low light photography with much less noise.

    The camera auto-focuses crisp and fast. LCD is not that great, but your images will surprise you when you look at them on your computer.

    Coming from a DX Nikon however some minus are clunky, camera is not recognized as a storage drive, and LCD is not accurate to pictures this wonderful camera produces.

    However that's the only things that stop me from giving it a 100% rating so I would only say around 98% excellence rating.
    Read full review...


    high tecnology, have exellent feature but low price, my daughter can use.

    I love it because this product is good and easy to use, not too big size for traveling, not too heavy weight for my daughter to use in her school because she is eleven years old with little body, the product have excellent feature and full format picture with cheap price, it is suitable with my money capability.Read full review...

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