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A Song of Ice and Fire Set

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A converted sceptic

I heard all the hype about the show, and was unsurprised to find the tv series not so spectacular... Usually if everybody likes something, it's not good. To appeal to the average, you must alienate the discerning, and the show was no exception. I came across the first book in the series at a book sale for .25 cents, so I gave it a read...and loved it. I'm now into the second, and it's just as good! I'm a fan of Tolkien, and I think it's fair to say that Martin is in the same league. This is a well written, well thought out history of a fantasy realm, populated by peoples often paralleling our present planet. The nomadic Dothraki with their Khal (suggests the Khalif of Islamic history), the Caucasian, bearded Northmen (Anglo warriors of old)- this is a fantasy world but feels very familiar and real. The story quickly immerses you in this world of Martin's making, with rich detail and masterful writing. This collection of novels is wonderful, and will surely stand as a classic work of fiction. I find myself dreading to finish, this is one story you don't want to reach the conclusion of. Alas, it must end, as all tales do!Read full review...

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A TV series lover's look at the written work

I had heard that George R. R. Martin had included a great deal of nuanced content along with outright contradictory plot lines when compared to the HBO television series "A Game of Thrones". I did not, however, expect the two stories to have divergent subplots in the very first scenes. Martin's books are daunting in size, but read easily and any half good reader can cut through the pages in short order. The anticipation built into the storylines pulls you from page to page quickly. I am as big a fan of the Tale of Ice and Fire as I am A Game of Thrones, now.Read full review...

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Great books for all readers

Great deal on great books. These books are compelling and difficult to put down once you start reading. The length of each volume may seem overwhelming to some, but the story sucks you in, and the 1000 pages will fly by leaving you craving the next episode of the saga. I'd would recommend these for anyone on the fence about the "Game of Thrones" phenomenon. I was initially put off by the mass popularity of the series. Thinking to myself, "it can't be that good", but I was wrong, and now I'm hooked.Read full review...

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Game of Thrones

My nose is still in the first book but tell your what it's difficult to put the book down. The printing is small I recon it's to keep it all in one book but well worth every line of it. It's the flow of the author that gets you hooked. I watched the DVDs 4 full times & still shake my head. So much detail is missed making a series out of it. I feel like I truly know the people in the story as that's when the DVDs supplements present. I'd do it the same way, DVD before book as it does help to visual the characters.Read full review...

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Epic Fantasy in stunning detail

If you enjoy fantasy and medieval literature, then these stories will keep you busy for a while, just take your time, the sixth book is still on the way, and may not be out by the time you finish these five. Overall, the story is full of intrigue, politics, scandal and bonds being formed and broken. It is a great read, and even better the second time around, where you are able to catch the details you may have missed the first time. Highly recommend!Read full review...

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Great collection

Neatly packaged and books feel nice to the touch too. The only problem i found with it was that the clash of kings book has 2 pages that are slightly damaged on the far right side. The content in the pages themselves are untouched and readable, its just my bad luck that i got that slight imperfection.Read full review...

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Love the "Games Of Thrones" Series like everyone else!!!

Haven't started to read them yet. However they are by the original author and I'm sure that the stories will be as interesting as the TV series. Only a little bit more in depth.

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Good Read in Sword and Sorcery Genre

Readi the first of the "Game of Thrones" series books and it was very good so I ordered the set off eBay. Not finished with all the books yet however George R.R. Martin has done an excellent job with these books. They are set in a time period comparable to Mideval times widen knights and kings warred. There is some sorcery, magical creatures, and of course lots of conflict going on. The books thus far are very interesting. I haven't watched the popular show adapted from the books so I cannot make any comparisons there. IF you are looking for a good read this is a good set.Read full review...

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See what they left out of the tv series

Great way to buy the entire set up to book 5. You get all the richness & details the show left out. Far more character development than a tv show has time for. And you can see how the show stuck pretty close to the books then to many people's consternation Benioff & Weiss went on to "wing it" with some small input from Martin after book & season 5. A must read for any fan of the show who hasn't read the books.Read full review...

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Fantastic gift!

Bought this set for my wife for Christmas and she LOVES it! The books came well packaged and look fantastic. She hasn't started reading them yet but knowing what we already know about the stories, we have no doubt they will provide quality entertainment at a great value!Read full review...

Verified purchase:  Yes | Condition: new | Sold by: goodreads2015

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