REAL 12.5 BTC WON !!! See screen! SOLO MINING SHA256 14 Th/s – 24 Hours Contract – compraoy

REAL 12.5 BTC WON !!! See screen! SOLO MINING SHA256 14 Th/s – 24 Hours Contract

$ 14.95



The winning client preferred to stay anonymous, but the bottom line – IT IS POSSIBLE!
This is a BITCOIN SOLO MINING contract with duration of 24-hours with the hashing power of 14000 GH/s!
SOLO mining means you will get paid if your miner solves a block, and if you do then 6.25 BTC will be sent to your BTC wallet (it is about $50,000 !!!), but if you don’t you won’t get anything. That’s how SOLO works. It is also commonly called as BITCOIN LOTTERY.

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For SOLO, you message us your Bitcoin Wallet address with required security info (see bellow) and we’ll do the rest.
You will get a URL to view the miner’s progress online from any device connected to the Internet. Right there you’ll see your 12.5 BTC popping up into your wallet.
We have no control over it. It is all automatic.
This mining contract is electronic. There will be no delivery of a physical coin or any hardware shipped. It also means No Electrical Fees, no wait for shipment and all transactions are Electronic.
We run our miners in 24/7 mining facility with super fast fiber optic connection to the Blockchain network and take our mutual security very seriously. 

Because of hackers and large amount are involved there are security steps. Please establish your identity by providing your State ID/DL that coincides with your eBay or PayPal info. 
If no required information is messaged within 24 hours the sale will be cancelled and refunded minus eBay/PayPal incurred by us fees. 

Check what others said about our great service. We want only great experience for all.
Most importantly – we deliver!
Positive feedback is appreciated and we will leave you one too.
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Have a lucky and very profitable day!


As we found out, and FYI, there is 4% pool fee. Also, I didn’t ask the winner for anything, but he was so grateful :))) Didn’t leave a feedback though… anonymous is anonymous. But it’s ok.
For someone who really wants to investigate if the block was really found here is found block ID:

Información adicional

Processing Speed (GH/s)


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Compatible Currency


Length of Contract

12 hours