0.001 Bitcoin(BTC) CRYPTO MINING CONTRACT 0.001 (BTC), Crypto Currency

$ 16.50



This is a 12 hours Mining Contract on the latest Multi Antminer Rig Technology and it is listed under Ebay’s category “mining contracts”. Please note that this listing for a mining contract. 

What is a mining Contract?
When a “mining contract” is purchased, I will process your order on my rig. 

  Important Please Read before Buying!

1. This mining Contract is for Bitcoin (BTC) = 0.001 BTC

2. Send me your wallet address

3. After payment you will receive the mined coin in your virtual coin format into your wallet

Once you press Buy now, instructions on how to pay will be sent via a message – very simple steps

4. The Buyer will be fully responsible to provide the RIGHT Wallet address for delivery. Do not forget coin transfer is irreversible.

5. Give us a positive feedback, and we will do the same.

Delivery details:

The purchase is electronically transferred, you will receive the purchased mined coins in your virtual wallet.

Información adicional

Compatible Currency


Length of Contract

12 hours